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Re: How to graduate from Astrology 101

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You can learn about astrology in the internet, given the right sources on the very subject. Wikipedia can be a good place to start (make sure what you read is backed by verifiable sources) and I came upon an article on the classical elements in the astrological zodiac.

The article mentioned the triplicity rulerships of early Dorothean or classic astrology.

And the seasonal elements of each sign in both northern and southern hemispheres.

To be fully educated and knowledgeable on astrology is questionable: a number of astrologers disagree with each other and their practices can vary abit. You have the traditional vs. modern, sidereal vs. tropical, 13 sign vs. 12 sign and Aquarius-first vs. Aries-first versions in astrology I'm aware tell me which one version is the most accurate or precise to use or follow? The point of learning astrology is to understand how it properly works and what to believe is the "correct" way in standards and practices. Following the instructions and rules is part of majoring in a study or profession, because you have to get something "right"-ly done.

I believe the largest dwarf planets Ceres and Eris can have co-rulerships with signs already under Venus and Mercury, and the Sun co-rules Cancer while the Moon co-rules Leo. My own belief is Eris affects Taurus and Gemini, while Ceres affects Virgo and Libra. I'm not exactly sure, but it is a break of traditional astrology and supporting my version is the continued use of dwarf planet Pluto to rule Scorpio and co-rule Aries. I have felt Ophiuchus, Orion, Cetus and even Sextans are so close to the ecliptic, they give off a parazodiacal bent on some people's birth charts and horoscopes. I may find some quirks and oddities to give out better results.
to quote dr. farr
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...and some are mongrels,
who mix and match concepts
and methods from all approaches: like me !

Dr. Benjamin Dykes is a leading medieval astrologer and translator who earned his PhD in philosophy from the University of Illinois.

He earned his medieval astrology qualification from Robert Zoller and taught philosophy courses at universities in Illinois and Minnesota.
He recently published Astrology of the World Vols. 1-2, Traditional Astrology for Today,
and The Book of the Nine Judges.
In 2015-16 he is publishing translations from Arabic and Greek.
In 2007–08 he translated Guido Bonatti’s Book of Astronomy
and the Works of Sahl & Masha’allah, on all branches of traditional astrology.
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