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Re: How to graduate from Astrology 101

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JupiterAsc - yes, astrology as a profession has unregulated sectors, so we who become qualified in the art need to be professional and make our personal and professional standards clear, in all we do.
There will always be people who have their opinions, whether those opinions fly in the face of superb and thoughtful work by qualified professionals (in any profession), or are based on ignorance. We monitor our own standards, invite assessment of our work from those who've experienced it, and do our very best. That's all we can do. I'm blessed with an insatiable need to learn ( in many diverse fields) and have learned that critics sometimes simply enjoy their own mental processes, regardless of the effect of their words on others.
More interesting reading for those interested 'graduates from Astrology 101'

The following are three QUOTES from Antoine Garth's study "The Five Hidden Pillars Of Fate, Fortune and Destiny In Astrology" viewable entirely for FREE at

'...Antoine Garth, astrologer presents: Study of fortune and destiny has been recovered from Vettius Valens ANTHOLOGY.
We consult the second century astrologer to return to an astrology not known since his time.
This will force three major traumas upon us as astrologers:

First, we are working within a deterministic system seeking to be privy to inscrutable workings of Fate.
Modern thinkers may protest such a domination of symbol over lifestyle, and may wish to reject this idea as insufficiently allowing us to properly assign "Free Will" to our ego nature.....'


'..Ironically, this system is useful for highlighting how Ego can prevent a more fortunate fate from occurring.
i.e. The system of these five additional, calculated "lots" creates an astrological universe of its own revealing hidden aspect of the chart,
our own role in it, and indicators we must follow in order to fulfill our destiny.
Finding this spot can be the "Aha!" moment for clients as well.
But we must first subject our modern astrological stance to three traumas to fully comprehend this perspective.
Modern astrologers' problem with determinism revolves around adding man and his ability to choose
into the cosmic equation, which includes unforeseen events and their impact....'


'..All of the twists and turns in the story of life are either predetermined or up for grabs.
I say fate and free-will can peacefully coexist,
but we must also equal in the Law of Karma.
Karma, the sanskrit word for action,
not only includes the grand and all encompassing
but also the mundane and every day.
By understanding primarily that the planets are the instruments of fate,
the astrologer can witness and make known each native's karmic "lot" or portion.
The Lot of Fortune is the first key to revealing the native's hidden universe of apportionment, or, more simply stated, the nativ
e's lot in life....'
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