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Re: Lesbian aspects

Originally Posted by kailaniatsea View Post
Uranus aspects can indicate alternative sexuality, but that planet in it of itself does not suggest that the person may be that way. One curious detail that I noticed in you aunt's chart is that Ceres is conjunct Uranus and Pluto in Virgo squaring Mars in Sagittarius. Ceres is the nurturing asteroid. Perhaps this may indicate that she does not nurture traditional feminine roles and attitudes (for biological, sociological or personal reasons), and in turn embraces the more masculine (Mars rising in a masculine sign) side to her self-expression. Don't forget that Virgo is a feminine sign and if it is squared, that could the missing piece to the puzzle.
I think the key in the chart is the Saturn in Aries quincunx Venus closely in Virgo. Virgo is considered the "barren" sign and fertility is not well expressed there - and with the quincunx to Saturn in Aries (a poor position for Saturn), and in the 5th house too - the ultimate expression of fertility is suppressed. Her Mars is much stronger and thus she exhibits more of the male energy than the female, which she cannot relate to at all. Mars is in a male sign and the tension of the square with Pluto and Uranus find the male sexual energy much more enticing and appealing. This adds to your point about Ceres also being square Mars and in Virgo - nurturing as a mother and a woman is just not a viable expression of that energy. The Node is also quincunx Pluto/Ceres/Uranus so this is part of her life path.
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