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Re: Warning

Vivian Robson was a guy.
You know how the English are, naming boys Vivian and Evelyn and stuff.

I will repeat myself until I'm blue in the face.

Everyone's sexual inclinations are shown in their chart.
It's there. And this includes inclinations which are inhibited or repressed; the repression is shown too.
But things are not found by seeing some single "signature" and saying "Aha!"
The sexuality (and whatever else is of interest regarding the native of any chart) is found by close examination of the whole chart.

Suppose a given chart features Aries on the Ascendant.
This person (dependent on the conditioning of Mars, of aspects and whatever else may affect this Ascendant) will in general be adventurous, direct and immediate, pioneering, impetuous, ego-centric and whatever else may be characteristic of Aries.

These qualities will be expressed in every facet of life. This includes sexuality.
The Ascendant supposedly has nothing to do with sexuality, but it does.

What if the Moon is square the Sun? This has nothing to do with sexuality. You will not likely find any reference to the aspect regarding sexuality. But in a man's chart, for example, it suggests difficulty (and possibly consequent aversion to, or disrespect for...) with women, beginning with the mother. Isn't this apt to affect develpment of sexuality?

How about Saturn in the Tenth? Liz Greene flatly says she finds this position correlates with homosexuality more often than would be expected. I agree with her, based on my own experience. (Saturn in the parental axis implies strong inhibition of some sort originating with the parents). Saturn is not a "sexual planet".

None of the above indications have anything to do with sexuality, supposedly. But they do. Our sexuality is far more psychological in nature than physical. And it is an expression of the whole self, and this is why we must examine the whole chart.

What if there are a couple of different indicators in the chart that the person has an urge to stand out by being different, even though the indicators seem to have no connection with sexual expression? My bet is that there will be something "different" in this person's sexuality.

If we wish to develop an effective astrology, it must be based on assessment of the chart as a whole, no matter what it is we wish to understand about a person through his or her chart. The person is a complex whole; it only makes sense that to see the person we must evaluate the complex whole of the chart.

As long as we continue to depend on the presence of some singular flag or signature to "see", our astrology will be crippled, our vision blurred.

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