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Re: Lesbian aspects

Originally Posted by Dubyadude1986 View Post
Sounds like aspects can be found if it's known but can't be determined if unknown.
This is called hindsight. Hindsight always works because you know what to look for. Of course, no one cares what you find in hind sight since everyone already knows---unless hindsight gives you hints for future sight.

It is also possible that with such a high charged subject, people really don't want to know, and other people who do want to know are obscured by the loud vociferous protestations of those who don't want to know.

VIVIAN ROBESON, in a little book published in 1963, entitled Astrology and Human Sex Life talked about identifying homosexuality. She talks about it in Chapter 8, right after Chapter 7 on Human Sexual Abnormalities.

But even here she simply takes some famous homosexuals and looks at their charts and then extrapolates. It might be possible to do this to a very great extent using Astrodynes and Asteroids, but even so, tendency and actuality are two different things. The reason is that human social mores come into play along with human will. If there was no human will, then tendencies would always bloom into actualities. But if people are prevented from doing something do to adverse consequences then they are using their own free will to subvert what might be a biological tendency.

I believe that the issue is just way way too complicated for the simplistic astrology that most people want to experience.

Over many years of study and chart analysis for people, the very vast number of people have a complex issue, and always want a simple answer to it. This is one where a simple answer is simply not possible.
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