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Re: Lesbian aspects

I see Mars in aspect, mostly hard aspect to Ur or Pl in a lot of athletes charts. They can be bad tempered and vindictive too!! Moon in hard aspect to Uranus can make one very irritable and someone who experienced an unpredictable mother.

Your aunt has an unaspected Sun so it's not a surprise she likes to be alone. Unaspected Sun's beat to their own drummer so to speak. No aspects can also point to no marriage and in her case since she is gay, even more likelihood of that happening.

I have Venus(ruling my 7th no less) square Uranus and I am far from Gay.

Originally Posted by brookeashley View Post
I've heard Uranus aspects have to do with gay sexuality. Maybe to venus and it has to do with house placements. My aunt is gay and what confuses me is she has her North node in the 5th trine Jupiter in 9th. I thought that would be good for kids but she never had any. Her moon is in Pisces in 4th opposite Venus in 10th. Why do you ask about these aspects?

Here is her chart if you want to check out her aspects. I'm still learning.
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