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Re: A Guide for Beginners - How to Get a Basic Interpretation

Originally Posted by AllieStar View Post
When birth time is unknown, is it best to use "6am" or "noon" as the default time. I notice both are used on different sites. I tried both and found it gave different results for the ASC and house placement.
Thanks! (I did try searching this site before posting the question.)
doesn't really matter, as you cannot rely on planets in houses, you will only ever get *half a story* If you use our search feature there are lots of threads discussing rectification of charts and we have a memer Kannon who specialises in this field....
Originally Posted by Claire19 View Post
Message of the Stars is absolutely brilliant in all ways. I also am into numerology and as astrology is based on mathematical calculations it all adds to the picture..... I also recommend the Rosicrucian Society's free astrology lessons and advanced. They espouse their own religious and moral ideas but that is take what you want from it all..
Free numerology readings --

Originally Posted by dr. farr View Post
I also use Nodes only by conjunction with planets (or Parts or degree points) and use an ever tighter orb of aspect (2 degrees) OR by Parallel of Declination (with an orb of 1.5 degrees)

Note that Claire19 offers a free study course on Modern astrology basics, which beginners should consider.
Also have a look in our Recommendations forum, Education forum and ALL the *stickys* at the top of every forum giving information regading that forums specific interests....

Lastly, let's not forget we have a great *search feature* bit like google, using keywords.....
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