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Re: Facebook group created!

Originally Posted by iSelf View Post
I've created the facebook group for these forums:

This group is through membership by request, so I will have to manually accept requests into the group. The reason I did this is to keep the group to the community. Anyone willing to join, send the request on facebook, then PM me the facebook screename, or you can post it in this thread, if you don't mind.

The facebook group is intended to be a social space, aiming to further improve the connection between members of this community. Should you be willing to keep your privacy, don't join the group, else it should be your problem. But I guess this isn't an issue in any way.

Group members are allowed to post on the group's wall. Any content I consider offensive or discriminating will be eliminated. Yes, there can be off-topic, whatever you want to. Just keep your good sense.

I think this is it. I'm looking forward to have many requests from you guys!

If it isn't asking too much, could you sticky the thread?

request to join send
how long will I wait to be apart of this group?
Just wondering ^_^
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