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Re: 2019 Solar Return

No, I didnít get a sense that they (the panel) wasnít listening. Quite the opposite, actually. The only person who is deaf to everything except herself is the crazy abusive supervisor I now have to tolerate for (ever) a good while longer. Since I donít know who they hired (yet), I canít say if a less qualified person was hired. Chances are, they went outside of the District even though they are supposed to hire from within if a suitable candidate is available. As most of the jobs here go to people who know someone (most jobs arenít ďrealĒ jobs and have already been promised to a friend, etc.), it can be difficult, if not impossible, to move within the organization. However, this was a ďrealĒ job and it was not promised to someone prior to being posted. The assistant director of my department was involved somewhat with this situation and knew it was a for real job (she knows this Chief, who is a recent hire himself.) This is why there were SO many applicants. Everyone knew it was a real job.

This is the second job I lost in spite of being very qualified. The first one was the typical not real job as it was promised to the friend of the Director. They actually opened the application process up for a second time so that the Directorís friend could apply. Completely unfair, but thatís how this place operates. The interview was a complete waste of time as the Director didnít even show (because she had already decided to hire her friend) so the panel that interviewed me could care less about anything I had to say. Even though this chart has nothing to do with that interview (the interview occurred in May, I believe), that was the interview where I felt nobody was listening to me.

If the sun represents the person they hired, and the sun is damaged due to the mars influence, maybe they hired a person who will be too aggressive and argumentative for the department. Oh well, not my problem I guess. I just have to focus on surviving an intolerable situation for an indefinite period of time. I just donít know how Iím going to do it. I feel like Iím quickly approaching my breaking point and all I have to look forward to is a Pluto-Saturn conjunction in January exactly on my MC. I really donít know how Iím going to survive this. The preview has been devastating; the exact conjunction just might be the end for me.
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