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Re: 2019 Solar Return

Thanks for the interpretation. The NN is also conjunct the MC, making me think I had a real chance. The question wasnít specifically about this job, as I didnít have the interview yet when I asked the question. I just wanted to know if something was coming soon. I agree about the 12th house placement, except to add that I think it shows how invisible I am at my current job (me and everyone else.) In retrospect, I think the conjunction of Mercury & Venus perhaps shows I did well at the interview but I still remain invisible. This Chief is anything but weak; he was the decision maker. He just didnít decide on me. If I remember correctly, in horary, the sun can be considered a co-significator so if you see the sun as weak, it probably represents me as being too weak. This doesnít really make sense to me as I did well in the interview and my qualifications were very strong. Maybe itís more accurate to say someone else was stronger. Regardless, I doubt Iíll ever find out. As you stated, now I have to figure out how to tolerate an abusive situation for probably a long time to come yet.

Thanks for looking at the horary.
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