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Re: 2019 Solar Return

Yes! I was called for an interview on Thursday for the job I mentioned with another department. Actually, it is a newly created department within the district and I was one of 19 qualified applicants. The interview went very well and if there were fewer candidates, Iíd feel like Iíd be getting the job. However, with so many qualified applicants, I hesitate to assume anything. I was able to convey that I was very qualified for the position when I answered the 5 questions the panel asked me. No doubt I will be one of the top contenders. Whether or not I get the job, I just donít know. I feel like the Chief of the department really liked me, and he is the decision maker.

Besides this interview, I purchased some Lotto tickets and a $5 scratch off the day before the interview. I won $25 from Lotto and $200 from the scratch off. Iím saving the $200 to buy two new toilets for my condo. Romantic, I know. But the contractor will soon start repairing the damage to my condo from a flood that occurred in June, and I wanted to replace the toilets as they are original to the condo and not very efficient. I won a couple of Lotto tickets besides the $25 so maybe Iíll hit again and not have to worry about another job or new toilets, hahaha. But Iím not counting on it.

Thanks for checking on me. I will post again once I find out about this job. Or if I hit the lottery.
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