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Re: Facebook group created!

Originally Posted by JUPITERASC View Post
OP posted the above message 2014
I missed that one... as I obviously didn't read all the posts concerning this thread but rather only noticed more recent observations by other members that the facebook page seemingly no longer existed and upon checking so myself, I found that to be true.

It does seem odd, although, that it remains a "sticky"... imho

I am glad that the matter has been aired to speak.

Respectfully, ptv

P.S. My bad...I had mistakenly taken this thread to have been given "sticky" status... I'll try to pay closer attention to such detail in the future
P.P.S. Well, then again, I find that I was correct in my initial observations that it had been a "Sticky" but is now 'un stuck'?... or whatever?
Good work Osamenor, my appreciation for your dedicated service
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