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Re: 2019 Solar Return

I think Mars is sextile (widely) the SR Ascendant. Oh wait, you mean my natal Mars. Usually that Libra energy makes me avoid conflict, especially in the workplace as I like a peaceful atmosphere. However, I also don't like being abused and she's pushing my buttons big time. I definitely feel more combative than I've felt in a long while. I'm also fed up so that will definitely add fuel to the fire. I am trying to be very mindful because I don't want to come off as the flake. She has a low emotional IQ and doesn't have people skills so it isn't hard for her to look like the awful tyrant she can be. What is really sad is that I'm not the one she treats the worst. Hard to believe she could be more obnoxious, but she makes inappropriate comments to my coworker. I would have filed a grievance by now but this poor girl just takes it.

My last hope is a coworker who just got a huge raise & promotion, thanks in part to me. She was very overqualified for the job she had in this department and I saw a posting for a much better position in another department. I knew she'd be a good fit but she didn't think she would get it. I encouraged her to apply anyway. She got an interview and after the interview she told me she knew she didn't get it. Two weeks later she came to my desk with a stunned look on her face and said they offered her the job. It paid over $20K more than what she was making here, and she was so grateful to me that she promised to try to bring me over to that department as soon as something opened up. It's at a location closer to home, so that would be great. However, jobs don't open up too often in any department. She knows and hates my supervisor and she knows I could do so much better so hopefully she comes through for me. I hope I last that long. Must. Not. Go. Nuclear....
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