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Re: Entertainment or Medical Field?

Originally Posted by JUPITERASC View Post
chart is a day chart
the diurnal sect is in favour
Sun is the sect leader - Jupiter and Saturn are of the sect in favour
Mercury is a morning star
so Mercury too is of the sect in favour.

diurnal planets are happier
if they are above the horizon in a day chart
sect leader Sun
is above horizon with diurnal planets Jupiter Saturn

nocturnal planets are happier

if they are below the horizon in a day chart.
This is not really a condition of sect
it does not define sect in any way.
This is only a way to further determine the strength
or mood of any particular planet.
And its only adding or subtracting mildly from the planet.
note that nocturnal planet Venus is ABOVE the horizon

nocturnal planets Moon and Mars ARE below the horizon

Thanks for your response!
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