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Re: Entertainment or Medical Field?

Originally Posted by three M symbols View Post

I've looked a bit, but it's my personal opinion, so i can make mistakes

I don't see a lot of medical placements in your chart. Cancer MC can be about nurses, etc, but also other spheres like : Things related to home (work with families, home decoration, architecture), or heritage conservation (lands, cities, museums, genealogy, etc..), and nutrition/food..

You have Venus in Gemini, which rules your Libra ascendant (and Taurus Sun), so things related to litterature or radio, talk-shows can be good. Venus is in 9th house : discover cultures, or sharing experience/ wisdom and knowledge /spiritual things...

Venus in Gemini is great for concepts, ideas, intellectual areas.
In this 9th house with your Mercury in 7th house, i imagine you in TV-shows or journalism/radio shows, etc.. where people are talking about their stories and experiences. (all their "9th house things"). You can do it as a ę Cancer MC way Ľ (with empathy, caring for others, emotionnal sight, etc..)

Taurus Sun and Libra AC have artistic potential. (like home decoration I said, or things that helps people to feel more secure (it's the role of a Cancer MC).. In an artistic way, it can be clothing, craftmanship, music, cooking, etc..

The Sun rules your NN in Leo. Leo is THE sign of entertainment, actors, etc.. but you can do it in a more Taurus 8th house way (and Venus in gemini in 9th House). An entertainment about Taurus - 8th house / or Gemini - 9th house things ^^. (5 senses/ earth/ artistic /+ 8th house content -or- intellectual/educative/+ 9th house content)

What do you think about it?
Thank you so much for responding!!

That was a really good read!! I was actually specifically considering the profession of tv writing and hoping to eventually become a showrunner so your description was actually kind of line with the specific profession I was thinking about.

But just to clarify - my Sun is actually in my 7th house. Itís really close to being in the eighth house so Astrotheme rounded it up, but literally every other natal chart calculator says itís in the seventh house, so Iím inclined to believe that over this one. Sorry for the confusion! Does that change your opinion at all?
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