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Re: Career change?!

Hi !

Ruler of your 10th house (house of carreer) is Jupiter. Jupiter is in 5th house. (house of creativity and hobbies), so you can do a job related to what you like. You also have Venus in 10th house. Venus rules your 5th house. So,”Venusians” and 5th house professions can be important : beauty, art, make things beautiful, appearances, social events, entertainment, or jobs related to children.

Cancer rising and Pisces sun/ midheaven can be related to social professions. (healing, helping, medical)

Cancer is also a protector of the past. (history, museums, cities, etc..) And things related to feeling at home/or feeling secure : psychology, helping other to gain self-confidence, houses decoration, architecture.. and nutrition, food

Moon in 11th house can bring support of women. 11th house also represents big groups (social networks, humanitarian work, original things, innovation..)
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