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Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
Of course, there's hanging out and then there's hanging out.
Let's take this as a friendship for the time being?
Some nice aspects, sun trine moon, moon semi-sextile sun, so you feel good together, Mercurys sextile for easy communication.
His sun trine Neptune is completed by your Neptune/uranus/saturn trine your moon.
If you spend a lot of time together, his mars square your sun can start to irritate you. It's stimulating at first and taken in small doses, but it can become too much energy.
His Neptune on your mars can be idealistic, but then starts to seem illusive and weakens your will.
His moon square your Pluto may lead him to think you are bossy unless you go easy.
Your north node on his Venus sets the theme of a friendly loving relationship between the two of you.
Thank you I am thinking about getting involved with him. Depending on how things go with someone else. Which is a good thing right? Being as though we have better aspects?
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