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K.N.Rao - "Sermon One"

A while ago, I came across an interesting opinion on the practice of vedic astrology, which I think is worth sharing...

1) Hindu astrologers are in the habit of referring to what they think are classics with infallible principles and they turn them into dogmas. They invite disaster.

2) Hindu astrologers are in the habit of turning these dogmas their predictive base. They invite greater disaster.

3) Hindu astrologers are in the habit of using this predictive base for a negative prediction. They create fright in the heart of their clients.

4) Hindu astrologers are in the habit of creating gloom through their readings and a gnawing feeling of fatalism. They have done no research of their own. What they mistake for classics provide them with a protective cover through a Sanskrit quotation. It is sheer lack of commonsense and sanity. They must know how to judge a horoscope without being dependent on what they think is a classic.

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