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Unhappy Re: Emotionally Detached ?

Thanks you for your reply!

Originally Posted by Zora View Post
you don't talk very nice about this woman here- guessing a lot on your own - but not knowing much for sure -because of non-talking to herself in a direct way ? But want to get married to her ? Why ?
So she is right.
I'm rude and bad person ?
She deserve better man ?
Should I give up on this relationship then ?

I was never in any relationship in my whole life except this. This is my first relationship so it's very easy to make mistakes from my side. I'm not good at relationship. My other relationship(non romantic, friend, family, co workers, boss etc) are not good either. More than 37 years I was alone without any relationship. For the first time someone liked me. But she had experience in relationship AFAIK. So it it's natural that she is good at relationship matter.
Though I believe in Destiny. Still I always wanted to relationship with one woman and only wanted to marry her. But alas Will Power doesn't work always. So may this relationship is not for me ? May be I will become alone again and stay Single rest of my life ?
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