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Re: Emotionally Detached ?

Originally Posted by Somna7H View Post
Synastry (Blue me and Orange Female)
Originally Posted by Somna7H View Post
Yes she is Grouchy.
She is very raw and emotionally immature(my point of view).
Originally Posted by Somna7H View Post
She complain that I'm Emotionally Detached and sometimes I behave rude to her. Then she cry and scream in anger. Sometimes went physical too.She said that she love me very much but as I can see she has no intention to marry me.

Hello Somna,

you don't talk very nice about this woman here- guessing a lot on your own - but not knowing much for sure -because of non-talking to herself in a direct way ? But want to get married to her ? Why ?

This woman has her mars in 12h house with mars/neptune correspondence sitting on her ASC and venus direct under ASC - and she both puts on your 8th house cusp - taking your neptune in the middle - who sits on your 8th house cusp (your are kinda endangered to get addicted yourself from your chart) and opposing your physical 2nd house venus - you put on her DC.

Her mars sextiles your pluto as your ruler of 7th house - your mars squares her ruler of 7th house and your 2nd house mercury trines her mercury as ruler of her 7th house. Her pluto semisextiles your jupiter as your ruler of 8th house (jupiter pluto correspondence) and vice versae your saturn semisextiles her moon as ruler of her 8th house (moon/pluto correspondence). 8th house = longlasting relationship and marriage.

This is in total definitely and an intense passionate physical attraction - because what is special in your synastry - that your 2nd/8th house cusp and possession/property axis 2/8 looks nearly exact overlapped by her physical birth and encounter ASC/DC axis.
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