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Unhappy Re: Emotionally Detached ?

Will this Relationship lasts ?
or this is an temporary illusion to distract me ?
And that will leave a scar in my heart forever to suffer me till death ?

Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
but continuous fate interventions that causes grief. Karma on the south node says you are paying off something from the past, and slowly the debt will wear away.
Yes, it's FATE.
I wanted to marry her but we will never get married I think.
She wanted to get physical with me but it will never happen I guess.
I'm totally aware that I'm paying off something from the past.
But I don't know what I have done wrong in past life but I never did anything wrong here in this life time yet I'm suffering since I was born.
In my life all of these years she is the first one who attracted toward me and love me.
Do you really believe I will clear my past life debt ?
But how ?
I almost spent more than half of my life and now find someone who love me for the first time yet so much obstacles and grief in life.
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