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Re: Emotionally Detached ?

It looks like the pluto/uranus conjunction on your descendent has a lot to do with this situation.
Your Uranus wants freedom in the relationship, it is airy and independent. She takes that as being unemotional.
Your Neptune on her mars and ascendent reinforces this, she can't see you as you are, you are elusive. She can't get a grip on who you are and it frustrates her. This shows in the composite as Lilith on pluto, near mars, an explosive combination.
The sun/moon conjunction is a nice marital aspect, especially on the descendent, and mercury near Venus is very positive.
Chiron on the north node gives a theme of pain to your relationship. Not that you will be suffering every day, but continuous fate interventions that causes grief. Karma on the south node says you are paying off something from the past, and slowly the debt will wear away.
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