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Re: Confused about composite 5th and 7th house

[QUOTE=Coloringthevoid;997825]I don t know if the position of the sun is good or bad. It s conjunct by 5 degrees the 7th house but in the 6th. Also i m confused about the condition of the 5th,saturn there but with a trine and opposition and also venus.

The position is neither "good" nor "bad". It simply reflects how and in what areas the energy of the relationship manifests itself.
Mercury is 7th house here, but sun and Jupiter are more 6th.
Note also, Venus is close enough to the 6th cusp to be considered a 6th house planet, not 5th.
As Waybread wrote, Venus is opposing moon and Chiron, and this is happening on the axis of the 12th/6th, which brings the matters governed by those houses into the forefront.
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