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Re: Node sextile Uranus

Originally Posted by Roks View Post
What does North Node sextile Uranus mean? I have it at 0,02 degrees natally
Hi Roks,

It doesn't mean anything.

The nodes, and there are two measures, the average/mean node and the true node, are those points where Moon crosses the ecliptic.

Imagine taking a big sheet of wood or linoleum and sticking in the center of Sun's polar diameter so that it extends out in all directions. That's the planet of the ecliptic and the celestial bodies move up and down crossing the plane as they orbit Sun.

Moon's orbit around Earth is canted, so that it crosses the ecliptic into the south and then again into the north.

When Moon crosses the ecliptic and joins with Sun, that is a lunar eclipse.

It's an imaginary point, so it's not real, there's no substance to it.

The Head or North Node is believed to be positive, so a body that is at that point like Venus or Saturn gains a benefit. The Tail or South Node is believed to be negative, so a body at that point is harmed.

Because it's an imaginary point, it doesn't make any aspects.

The whole theory behind aspects is that celestial bodies cast rays, and they literally do, because they either emit light, like Sun, or they reflect light, and they all emit electromagnetic waves, not to mention gravitational waves.

Since the nodes are dead space, they emit/reflect nothing.
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