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Re: Does south node represent karma or your past life/ past lives?

Nodes have been something that fascinated me for a long time. To me, I've realized nothing to be true written on the internet.

I don't see SN as karma, to me it's just another supportive thing of the node. Because opposite signs are a different side of the same coin, so it doesn't make sense to me for one to be karma or past life.

Even though I don't have planets on my SN, I can't say I've been fully comfortable with every aspect of it. Nodes in general are very uncomfortable, SN or NN, it doesn't really matter. I've seen some suggest that the nodes show your karma as a soul, and not every person ever walks their that path in every life time. It's the ultimate growth. I don't know if that's true, I think it's very individual.

But to me nodes support each other. For people who have planets on SN it would be the NN that's helping the SN, hence they help each other. And vice versa.

I have Taurus on SN, I wasn't born in wealth, I've always been keen on arts, but I can't say I was naturally talanted. I couldn't sing properly, I couldn't draw properly, I never had an outstanding talent, but I liked doing it. It was hard work for me to get there. I also have Venus on NN. So again I don't feel anything of that to be "natural talent" for me or "given" if that makes sense.

But I guess it's all a matter of belief. I believe past lives could exist, but I don't see it being helpful to focus on them for obvious reasons.

Again, if the south node would be past life, something we have to leave, it doesn't make sense that the NN would be it's oppositional sign, since they are legit the same thing. I've seen people in their 50s who are still jumping between SN and NN. They just feel like scales that we try to balance.
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