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Re: Chronic fatigue

Originally Posted by clip11 View Post
Every since I was a child, I have suffered from being fatigued. Even though I get enough sleep. And the doctors, as of this moment, have no answer for me. I'm otherwise healthy, I workout but I can sleep 10 or 12 hours and get up and feel like I need to go back to bed

Is there any indicators in my chart for constant fatigue

Well, there has to be a reason. You have a lot of earth - Sun, Moon, Neptune - and chart ruler - Mercury - are all in Capricorn in the 4th. Virgo is rising. So, you have this energy of putting your nose to the grind - strong work focus. It's a kind of pressure - a horizontal pressure to get things done. And yet, Neptune is conjunct Sun - which is more vertical - more inward. Those planets are also in an inward house - Cancer's house. Capricorn - generally - doesn't like to express feelings - it generally sweeps them under the rug and hopes they'll take care of themselves. It doesn't mean you aren't aware of your feelings - just that you don't spend a lot of time dealing with them or expressing them to others. At least, this is usually the case with Capricorn.

So you've got all that earth in a house where one is supposed to nurture oneself - to feel emotionally cared for - to attend to feelings. It's frictional

You've got Sag on IC - the deepest, most private sense of self with Saturn and Uranus conjunct it. So, there's more Capricorn-like energy in Saturn - and you are antsy or nervous - with that electric type Uranus energy. It's like you've got to move and hold still at the same time - down deep inside. You might have great ideas in Sagittarius - goals you want to achieve - and so you have desire to do a lot.

These two - Saturn and Uranus - oppose Chiron in Gemini on MC - so there's also Chiron pointing out there's some issue with Gemini - which can also give an active mind - or thinking processes that are out of whack. Maybe you take too much responsibility for others - as you've got all that Capricorn, Saturn on IC and then Chiron in Capricorn's 10th house.

Does being fatigued stop you from doing too much for others? Could that be one way you set limits for doing too much for others? Pisces isn't very good at setting boundaries and neither is Virgo rising. Mars could help, but then, it's in Pisces, which doesn't.

I think these are the frictional forces you might need to consider. I can feel tired just thinking about them. You probably want to do many things - and have the earth qualities to get a lot done - but you need to think more about your own feelings and needs. If you end up doing for others, you may unconsciously resent it - and that could cause you to feel tired. When people repress feelings, one of the symptoms is - fatigue. I think you are probably repressing or suppressing feelings - not giving them the attention that is needed. Once uncovered and expressed, you might feel your energy coming back.

Of course, if you haven't checked in with your doctor - that might be a good idea. Perhaps - adrenal fatigue is part of the problem - which can be treated with B12 shots - or maybe there's something else going on. If I recall correctly, you've posted other health issues too.
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