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Re: Need help with this

Originally Posted by leomoon View Post
Yony: Try reading this article and see why we may all have been erroneously dependent on the Sibley Sagittarius Rising & Gemini Rising on July 4th. He made excellent points to use an alternative chart:

Please note: IF you have an open mind and want to try this alternative date, Dane R. was the one who rectified the Sibley July 4th to 5:13 PM (reasons all given as to events in the article)

p.s. I don't know where he came up with 12:01AM for the Federal Govt. Chart yet. the article doesn't say.

I used it as a stand alone chart and with DJT on various subjects and it seems to work well for what will be ultimately, this historical time in our country's history., and I cannot argue down his theory either.

I'll check that stuff out later, very busy now. Thank you for the insights though
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