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Re: Uranus conjunct Midheaven in Capricorn

To be honest, I doubt it. Uranus MC people are notorious to not even last the entire interview period let alone the job. Uranus hit my MC in 2018 and is in my 10th now. I finished my PhD in engineering in 2018 and since, I have not been able to find ANY job, not because I haven't tried. Either I give out the vibe or perhaps I only look at random odd jobs, not sure what it is, but I have had MANY random odd engineering jobs, some paid, some not, and my only attention has come from any project that has had to do with occult and astrology which was my hobby but the minute uranus crossed my MC, people started paying me read their chart ( started with friends and family) and since, all my activities is around futuristic science projects and occult/astrology projects and I get MANY nasty looks and odd behaviour any time I am around typical successful professional people, in my field or other fields. I don't even care any more. Their loss. I continue to do odd free lance work and may even start my own company. Have ideas on that every hour. Really genius ideas

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