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Re: SATURN RETURN...please help me astrology friends :(

Any planet's influence on a house is felt most strongly when it's at the cusp of the house. When a planet is transiting an angle, even more so. If it's a slow moving planet, its transit of an angle takes quite a long time, and with retrogrades, there are usually at least 3 direct hits.

You're most likely to feel Pluto's, and then Saturn's, influence as those planets transit your AC. When they move out of orb from your AC and settle into your first house, it starts fading into the background, usually because you've integrated that planet by then. In your case, since you have a stellium right before your AC and several planets that get squared by anything transiting your twelfth house, the twelfth house transits are more likely to be intense. Because your first house has less going on, there's less for a planet to hit while transiting it.
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