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Re: SATURN RETURN...please help me astrology friends :(

How tough a Saturn return is, and when it's toughest, depends on many factors. It's not just Saturn returning to its natal position, it also depends on whether Saturn is also transiting, squaring, or opposing personal planets or angles.

In 2016 and 2017, Saturn was in Sagittarius, with a retrograde into late Scorpio in the first half of 2016. During that time, Saturn squared your sun, Mars, and Mercury. You've also had Pluto hovering over your AC the last year or so. That's given you a combination of heavy hitter transits.

Now, Saturn is activating your natal stellium of Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune. Pluto, meanwhile, has been activating that stellium ever since it entered Capricorn. Taken together, I can see those planets spelling a gambling problem: Uranus the risk taker, big losses and gains; Neptune, the illusion that you'll keep winning big; Saturn, the stick-to-it-iveness that it takes to have any habit. It may be compulsive rather than a matter of self discipline, but it's still sticking to something.

That you've recognized your gambling problem, gotten help, and started addressing the underlying issues and taking responsibility, is a sign of learning the Saturn lesson already. If you continue doing what you're doing, it will get easier, because you're internalizing Saturn as a teacher. It's not a question of where Saturn is transiting in your chart, so much as it is how you're responding to it.
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