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SATURN RETURN...please help me astrology friends :(

Hi friends

I am currently just beginning my saturn return. I have attached my chart below.

I have Saturn in capricorn, 12th house in my natal chart.

To add to the intensity Saturn is my chart ruler.

Last year...I developed a compulsive gambling problem. Which put me in a massive amount of debt. I am slowly trying to climb out of the mess I created. The past year was probably the most difficult yet. My gambling problem led me seek out help. Which made me realize I had OCD/ depression. I am assuming all these mental health issues are because Saturn is in my 12th house.

The blessing in disguise is that these extremely challenging experiences have made me start taking better care of my health. I started exercising, eating better. I started paying attention to my emotional help. It also made me develop an inner strength I never knew I had. And made me learn that there is no easy way to make money in life. And I have to be financially responsible. Up until this point in my life I always tried to avoid responsibility but now saturn made me take responsibility for my life and grow up once and for all.

2016-2017 were some of the most challenging years of my life to say the least

My question is ....when is the toughest part of the saturn return?

Is it...

1) when saturn is approaching the conjunction (1-2 degrees before, applying)
2) the exact aspect
3) or after the conjunction (the aspect is separating)

I would be so grateful for any insight

I'm just hoping for a tiny silver lining at the end of this nightmare...I am currently starting a new job soon...wondering if it will be hell on earth like the past year

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