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Re: BPD chart?

hi soulflower

I looked up your chart and added a few symbols. usually Borderline Personality Disorder or for that matter all these subjective psychological categories that have come in vogue, have a polarized Saturn and Uranus.
you have a stellium of sun/Saturn/Jupiter/Venus/Sedna square to Uranus and juno.

the first thing that stands out is the intricate social environment your BPD occurs in.this is not usually what one would expect ,as more often the dynamics are not socially prominent as psychological prominent. what I mean is that your "BPD" does not seem "psychological " to me... it is a function a dysfunctional family group.

Orcus is opposed to Uranus and juno and square the Saturn stellium.
this aspect can be abusive. Emotionally or another ways. here with Jupiter and juino involved it seems to me that authority figures in your household are dysfunctional. you have Sedna in your stellium and this shows you are a truth seeker/truth teller. so what I am picking up is that you have expressed thoughts about the family group that may have been to close to the truth. and your words are being refuted and you analyst has accepted their view of your "problem". it could be an abusive environment that you spoke about but it is clear to me that you are being strung up as a mentally deficient person because you see the truth that your family is lying about or unconscious of the abusive heritage of your family.

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