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Re: Sun and Mars aspects

'It might help to distinguish between planets, signs, and houses.

The planet is the actor, like the subject of a sentence.

The sign shows how or in what manner a planet operates.

The house shows the area or domain of life where the planet operates.

Are you familiar with house cusp rulers (lords)? Basically you look at the planet ruling the sign on the house cusp to get more information on how the affairs of that house will function.

I've read two interpretations of house cusp rulers:

1. The house over which a planet rules serves the purposes of the house in which that planet stands. (Karen Hamaker-Zondag, a more modern approach.)

2. The planet ruling a house cusp would like to help the affairs of that house. How well (or poorly) it can do that depends upon the planet's own situation in the chart. (Demetra George, a more traditional approach.)

I'm a bit confused by your example, but when you have two planets in a close aspect, they affect how the other planet operates. We might say, with sun trine Pluto, that the sun gets Plutonized, and Pluto gets solarized. But compared with Mars in Scorpio in the 8th, were looking at different signs and houses; and then if Mars aspects another planet, it will partake of some of that other planet's nature.

Whether this goes easily or with difficulty depends upon how Mars is aspected.
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