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Re: Sun and Mars aspects

Okay, so I understand what you're saying, in terms of traditional rulership and houses.

I guess what I'm trying to unpack is in terms of differentiating the difference between similar energies between planets that almost has the same function, but are aspected differently.

I'll take your example: Mars in Scorpio.

Mars is very strong in Scorpio, which is the sign that it rules.

I guess what I'm trying to ask is like, Sun and Mars have similar energy, because they're both hot planets, Although Sun is about the vitality and shinning a light, and Mars is about action and drive,

so let's use Scorpio again... Would Sun in aspect to Pluto, let's say in the 5th house (Sun) aspecting the 1st house (pluto) have similar energies to say, Mars in Scorpio in the 8th house?

I know it's a confusing question, but I always felt like a Mars aspect to any planet, actually activates the aspect of those planets way more than the Sun aspect to any planet. How I look at it, it's like the Sun appears to give off those energies based on presence, but Mars is the one that really shows what those energies are actually capable of.

Like Sun Uranus identifies as the rebel, as the troublemaker; the outcast
but Mars Uranus actually does trouble-making and acts out in being defiant and rebellious.
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