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Re: Sun and Mars aspects

Uranus is a modern planet but you might think about a chart in somewhat traditional terms. A planet in the sign it rules is strengthened. This would be sun in Leo, and Mars in Aries or Scorpio. (Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio but before it was discovered in 1930 astrologers used Mars as ruler of Scorpio. Many still do.)

Then think about the house. The first and 10th houses are the most prominent. In contrast, people with an 8th or 12th house sun tend to be private.

With aspects, generally the trines and sextiles are harmonious, but the squares and oppositions can give the person difficulty. With sun square Uranus, for example, the person may self-identify (sun) as a rebel or trouble-maker (Uranus) even when this behaviour is self-defeating.

Sun conjunct Mars can give the person a lot of energy.
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