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Re: Chinese Astrology Major Cycles - 2019 New Year Red Envelope Giveaways

That will take times to find those special days in 2019.
2019 is Female Earth Pig. Pig is in the Water group.
Water and Earth are opposite elements.
That implies most people will win some and lose some in 2019.
But Pig also contains the Male Wood, which is the tall tree.
Tall tree needs Water and Earth to group.
Therefore, Wood is the potential element in 2019 for the person whose Lucky Element is Wood. If Wood appears on the Stem Row of his/her birth chart or 10-Year Major Cycle, then the person should have very good luck in Earth Pig year.
October is Male Wood Dog month and November is Female Wood Pig month.
The energy of Wood will be pushed up.

Since Pig mainly contains Water.
August is Water Monkey month. Monkey is in the Metal group.
Metal is the mother element of Water.
This is a strong Water month.
September is Water Chicken month. Chicken is Metal, too.
August and September are very good months for people whose Lucky Element is Water.

If you look for the special days, then look for the strong element days in those months.
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