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Re: Can you say quintiles...

Yea i have a lot of interesting theories. I also have an extremely good memory. I equate that more with my mercury trine jupiter and mercury in cancer though. I am also a pretty good and experienced guitar player having been playing for about 9 years now. I'm almost 22. I used to think my chart was atrocious but i have learned to except it. I also have a lot of really bad aspects wich i talked about on an earlier thread. But i have come to respect my birthchart. My progressed chart is also pretty good. I have progressed moon in aries trine natal sun and natal mercury. I live a really relaxed life most of the time. Sometimes there is drama but for the most part i would say my life is overall very content. I think it's because i have sun sextile moon as well. I tend to think that because i do have so many of the positive minor aspects (probably about 45) that it's likes having about 10 more sextiles or 10 more trines in my chart. hahahah.
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