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Re: children timing

Originally Posted by Kitchy View Post
Raf -

Venture this? If you were to use Mars as a backstory or leading role in the 5th of a traditional horary asking about children and you saw those aspects from Mars in 5th to 8th - what would that signify for a traditionalist?

No difference in my opinion.
I have no clue what you are talking about.

I never mentioned 8th house. Mars is placed in 5th sign, some astrologers don't use regio system but whole sign system and Mars in 5th would make sense to them. Moon enters sign of Mars, Sun enters sign of Mars where Sun is exalted....Both Moon and Sun have to change signs, so something needs to change, a new approach.

If you want to use Pluto, you're welcome to, but that's not trad horary, thats all I'm saying.
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