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Re: love marriage

Originally Posted by virgo24 View Post
dont u think my 7th lord in the 5th house which has moon which create love marriage
baby... you are incorrectly interpreting your chart....neither your 7th lord is in your 5th house..neither your 5th house have moon in it...ok

your 7th lord is venus and it is in 10th house...

I can give you written statement and can bet that you will have a love marriage for sure...

reasons why I am saying so are as follows:

1. The main and the most important cause of love marrige is a parivartan yoga...(mutual exchange yoga) your 7th lord is in 10th house which is a house of jupiter....and your 10th lord which is jupiter as I said is in your 7th this is a kind of mutual exchange...which the most important yoga present in your chart..which give love marriage..

2.For females the karka of marriage is jupiter..which is in your 7th house..promoting a love jupiter is somehow connected with your 7th lord...

3.Saturn also promotes love marriage...and it aspects your 7th house lord Venus and jupiter...again promoting a love marriage....

ok dear...and now dont worry... the way you will have a nice husband....
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