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Re: Astrology is the clock of spiritual maturity: Evidence included

I am right.
Originally Posted by Bunraku View Post
So weaseling your way out now huh?
I knew you would say that!
Originally Posted by Bunraku View Post
So from you claiming I wasn't loved by my mother , to you being the victim, and now I am walking on a metaphorical ashes.
Oh, you were loved, but you need reassurance it seems. this is how I feel about any kind of bullies.

I do see the axis everywhere. I can't write what I think was wrong with the Aries or the Pisces age because of the other side, I will end up being misunderstood because it's not quite politically correct, but I respect everybody.

Originally Posted by Bunraku View Post
Nah, this is the first time I recall talking (as in having a conversation) to you
so, no déjà vus, huh?

Originally Posted by Bunraku View Post
Yes, we do have disagreements about fundamental subjects, it seems.
I did not read through all of your posts on the forum, but I'm sure we agree on many things also (astrology/astro-psychology is a giant subject).
alright. What is the point of discussing the disagreements of such kind? It's like going to war over whose God is true, don't you think? Conflict of any kind is nothing but bad and scary.

Originally Posted by Bunraku View Post
You mentioned "vibes" but vibrations are another whole different formula. You claim it's how astrology works, but clearly is a complex factors of other things, symbolism or not.
Are you a linguist?
The vibe two bodies make when they interact in the dominant gravity field considering the distance between them is all there is, eventually. I believe this is how everything works.
I'm not the one saying 42 here, you are.

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