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The vet we went to, although a good surgeon, is seeming like a negligent doctor. Didn’t do any bloodwork prior to surgery and recommend euthanatizing him because of what seems like a mistake on her part regarding the post-op prescription, blaming his FIV positive for the reaction to extra label medication, as if precautions needn’t be considered. He was more than fine up until two days ago. I have been syringe feeding him a slush of wet food and cat multivitamin since last night, all through the night, and into this morning, hoping that dehydration and nutrition will give him a boost, am prepared to do this for however long he needs it but I feel like I don’t have a doctor to talk to about getting his vitals in order. He’s sleeping, almost still in stupor.

I found online that there is a such prescription, Erythropoietin, to raise the red blood cell count of an FIV positive cat suffering from anemia.

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