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Re: Accurate Western Astrology or Vedic Astrology...?

Panditacharya ji,

Both can be, but when a large sample of predictions is critically examined, as opposed to relying on anecdotes and he said she said type evidence, then neither seems to be! In other words accuracy varies and is highly subject to the astrologer, his state of concentration etc. Please remember that pretty much all astrologers are worldly people and not monks, hermits or saints and so under the astrological indicators in their own lives.

So what then is astrology? I posted this elsewhere but came upon recently, again and so felt it might be worthy of being shared here. Well, here is how I see it:

Astrology, as far as I have surmised is essentially an exercise in 'pattern-identification and matching'.

It is in fact a study of clocks, some might say? There is the human clock, and there is the cosmic clock, both about time, periods, periodicities, correlated realities?

The human time involves birth, living, death, and living involves things such as health, illness, studying, working, friends, enemies, relationships, separations, preferences, dislikes, ambitions, fears, successes, failures, ancestors, progeny, wealth, penury, strengths, weaknesses, emotions, elations, depressions, dreams, imagination, creativity, procrastinations, etc etc...

The cosmic clock seems more rigid, fewer variables (despite variations!), periodic, readily calculated. Months, seasons, years, transits, progressions, of planets and the mostly well-defined attributes thereof.

The astrologer/divinator mentally connects the two clocks using learnt or inherent pattern matching skills and with God's Grace provides directions and recommendations to individuals or nativities as they are called.

Some would say that it is the music of (heavenly?) spheres that is silent, but given a form that human beings can hear and hopefully understand and dance to the rhythm or in some cases against it?

There is a bilingual form that the musicians (astrologers) follow: Tropical astrology developed/revealed in the western hemisphere (and middle earth!) and there is Jyotish/Mahabote/Chinese/etc that was revealed/developed in the eastern hemisphere. Both different just as the classical music (west and east) differs, but both soothe the heart and soul when listening to an accomplished and experienced musician of either school of music! Also true for astrology!!


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