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Re: What does she think of me?

Originally Posted by Personal Catalyst View Post
Hello, thank you for response! Actually, her Moon is in my 11th house, and my Moon in her 3rd house. Less mystical and homey, I would say.

How this changes things?

(I tried putting our synastry chart, but the link doesnt last long for some reason, that's why I put our natal charts)
Ah, I should have mentioned that I always use whole sign houses when looking at charts. And so since she is Leo rising, that makes Leo her 1st house and Scorpio her 4th house. And since your Moon is in Scorpio, you then trigger her 4th. In your chart, Capricorn is your 1st and so Sagittarius is your 12th and since her Moon is in Sagittarius this means she triggers your 12th.

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