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Re: When will i get job?

Originally Posted by mr1234 View Post
I have had lot of breaks in my career. Often i dont get opportunities that are truly worth of me, and sometimes the recruiter doesn't reply me at all. Breaks in career make people reject me at first see. I have a bachelors degree which i got after much toil. And, that doesn't support me either, because there are many with better grades out there. The job market has found a decline, and it is worrying for me as i have not been to work since my last job, where i was fired in 2018. Please check the below chart, and let me know when i would get a job? Also, what i need to do in order to find one.
hello mr 1234
before i analyse this chart, i want you to clarify the following:
  1. you asked when you'll find a job(which is always 10th house issue, in this chart moon in her fall), the moment you asked did you have in mind a specific sector where you are specialized perhaps, or any job regardless of your academic degree? what do you mean " Right job may require right time." what is the right job you seek to find?
  2. this chart is made two months ago.have you made many similar charts or this is the only time you asked when you'll find a job?
  3. you are asking what you need to do in order to find a job...and you are saying you' re always rejected on first sight...please elaborate on this cause the fact that you are unemployed for so long , although you apply for jobs positions or recruiters its bizarre in a way there another problem perhaps ?
  4. all the above are depicted in the chart, still i want to understand how is possible an educated person(even less qualified compared to others) cannot find at least one job all this time.Perhaps you are targeting a sector where you regarded not suitable or qualified enough , elaborate what and how exactly you asked so i can understand
  5. if possible post the chart in regiomontanus
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