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Re: When will i get job?

Originally Posted by mr1234 View Post
Thanks for the detailed analysis. I drew the chart based on the time of the question. I have not asked for references to anyone, since i have very few people who can help me. I shall see that i ask someone for help for a job. 5 months seems to be longtime.

I lost the job in Nov 2018, and so it's not been two years yet. As far as the current situation, interviews are happening telephonically but there is lot of job scarcity also. Right job may require right time. Who is the one on whom you said not to depend on for a job? I have no idea, and am confused.
No problem, and I apologize for any confusion. I will try my best to explain clearly. ( :

My mistake while for somewhat rushing through the above interpretation-- there is actually 1.5 degrees of separation (1 degree, 23 minutes exactly [there are 60 minutes in 1 degree, making 30 minutes half or .5) As you can see from subtracting the MC at 21d 33m from the separating ASC at 22d 56m [22-21=1 degree; 56-33=23 minutes]
Feel free to check that with a degrees/minutes/seconds calculator.

I will take another look at the potential timing of receiving a job below to see if I can be more specific, but I did first indicate 5-6 weeks in the above post, with a secondary possibility of 5-6 months (this seems less likely).
An interval of 5-6 time units seems to be indicated, in any case. Timing can be tricky.

Who is the one on whom you said not to depend on for a job?
I indicated that a job recruiter would be represented by the 9th house and the ruler of this house is Mercury. Above I had stated that the job recruiter appears to be a dead end, but after looking at the chart again I've considered other possibilities, please bear with me:
If Mercury goes Rx and remains in Aquarius, the situation with the job recruiter could turn out so-so; in fact, he may connect you with a job (more on that below). Rx is a poor state for a planet to be in, but it's a bit better than being placed in the sign of detriment and fall. If Mercury were to continue direct, he would be destined for the latter in the sign of Pisces.
The reason why I considered he/she may be a dead end is because Mercury also rules the 12th house in this chart, and if Mercury is direct and therefore free to move into Pisces, then it's about to move into a really poor position. It's possible that this recruiter would soon prove to be of even less help (next to useless, even, he may lack the ability to connect you with a job) to you than he was in the first place. I would need the chart details to be more sure about this.

The reason why the connection with the 12th house is negative is because 12th house rules "matters that are hidden, restrained, secret, incapable of action or of being fully understood" and "Traditionally it is a wholly unfortunate house, associated with sad events, sorrow, anguish of mind, tribulation, captivity, imprisonment, persecution, hard labour, all manner of affliction and self-undoing." (Deborah Holding, Skyscript)
Naturally when you link those indications with your job recruiter, it doesn't seem that they are all that helpful to you in this situation. If he/she does provide you with a job, you could find that it's not an ideal position in some way or other. That is, unless you are looking for work in 12th house sort of places, such as hospitals, prisons, places that are isolated from the public, etc...
With the 10th house in Cancer, I would see your profession as being related to themes of emotional connections/caring/nuturing/food/professions involving water/children/hospitality/customer service/H.R./dealing with the public/perhaps working from home. Nursing or psychology could be indicated, although I find it hard to believe that a nurse would have trouble finding a job at a time like this. Basically, I'm not sure from the chart if your job would have 12th house themes; what is your profession exactly?

Additionally, the final aspect the Moon will make will be a square to Mercury without reception; while a square can bring about results of the question, usually there are many obstacles and things don't ultimately turn out as desired (unless there is strong mutual reception, but again there is not). The moon's last aspect is significant to the way the question will turn out, but even more-so here because the Moon is posited in your first house with strengthens her as your co-ruler. Based on that, it appears your job recruiter won't help much or the results he delivers may be poor...

By the way, the emplacement of the Moon (because it is ruling the career) in the 1st house is a classic indicator of the career coming to you. You will definitely get a job. Since the Moon is far from the ASC degree and in a different sign, it could take some time and possibly a change of circumstances.

New indications:
- At this point in writing this post I've just noticed that there will be a trine from the ASC angle to Mercury (the job recruiter) occuring in about 6 degrees also, which further corroborates a 5-6 week/month timeline. I would still want to check if Mercury will be going retrograde or not; but because this is a very near aspect it's possible that the aspect could complete before Mercury would turn retrograde. This aspect would complete before Mercury moves into Pisces, so I may have been wrong to say that the job recruiter is a dead end. It's possible that this could be representing receiving a job through the recruiter. If the aspect were to complete while Mercury is direct (not retrograde), it could actually be indicating a fairly good result. That is moreso if your profession/the job is related in some way to 12th house themes.

- While the 11th house foremost rules the friends of the querent (thus my suggestion to ask your friends for help), it also rules "wishes, hopes, and personal aspirations". The placement of the 11th lord in the 6th house could simply be indicating your great hope/desire/goal for gaining work.
That said, you should still ask any friends you can think of for recommendations. Again, the 11th first and foremost indicates the friends of the querent.
It is also known as the house of Good Fortune, so placed in the 6th you should ultimately get work as you seek.
Again this comes from Cardinal/Angular to Succeedent/Fixed indicating weeks or months for the time unit. If I have the details of the chart I can check planetary speeds and may be able to determine whether it appears to be weeks or months.

- You mentioned that interviews are being conducted by phone; I'm really not certain on this one but will offer the information anyway:
Jupiter would rule your 3rd house of communications and I believe an interview by phone may fall under this house. If this is true, it's possible that you may receive an interview within 3-4 weeks.
Many different significators for receiving the job itself seem to indicate 5-6 weeks, so there could be a 1-2 week waiting period in between interview and achieving the position.

After further review:
1. The 5-6 week timeline still stands, potentially 5-6 months. I'd like to take a look at the speeds of the planets to help decide between the two, but need the question details for this.
2. The job recruiter might indeed be able to connect you with a job, which may not be ideal (but could still be okay) unless the job you are seeking is a 12th house sort of job (related to hospitals, prisons/jails, retirement/convalescent homes, other places secluded/isolated from the public--please confirm the type of jobs your are seeking).
3. It is tentatively possible (I'm really not sure on this one) the you may receive a phone interview or a call about a job in 3-4 weeks; it seems getting the job would occur 1-2 weeks later, if this is correct.
4. You should definitely still ask your friends/friendly colleagues for any job recommendations or even just suggestions of jobs to apply for. If the Sun represents a friend connecting you with a job, again, 5-6 time units is indicated. (Even if the Sun in the 6th is only representing your hope/aspiration for work, it still doesn't hurt)
5. Can you please provide the exact time/date/location of the question please?

I will continue to look over this chart and add/modify interpretation based on new information. I really hope all of this helps!

I would also like to point out that I am a novice when it comes to horary interpretation (most of my experience being in interpreting my own/family matters). While I have had much success and have successfully delineated one professional horary question her on AW in the past, I really hope that someone with plenty of experience can join in to help you.

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