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Re: When will i get job?

Hi there, before I give my opinion of the chart, I wanted to clarify a few things since they were not stated in the OP.

1. Was this chart drawn when the question was asked of an astrologer? That is to say, how did you come by the chart, ie;time and location of the question being received?

2. If so, can you please post the question details? Time of asking and location please? Without this we cannot see if the chart is radical based on Ascendant/Hour lord agreement. A given delineation or parts of it may be rendered inaccurate if there is a lack of agreement.

Now, I'll give a reading based on this chart (and may not be accurate based on missing chart information), because the chart appears to be accurate in that it seems to describe the situation you've discussed in your original post.

First off: I believe you will get a job soon. Among other things, your Ascendant degree is conjunct Spica, a fixed star that represents Success.
The Moon is applying a trine to the 6th cusp and the Sun in roughly 5 degrees. I'd like to say in 5-6 weeks because of Spica on the Ascendant--a conjunction that applies within 6 minutes of arc--but I can't ignore the possibility that it may be months, given the mixture of fixity and mutability, angularity and cadency (re: the Moon, 6th house, and Sun).

The Moon is challenged in the sign of Scorpio, but accidentally dignified in the first house. She is conjunct the 2nd cusp and applying to a sextile of her lord Mars, the 2nd house dispositor with aversion. Mars is accidentally weak in the cadent 3rd, but is exalted in the sign of Capricorn, giving him much strength to misbehave. Conjunct Jupiter in his fall is inflating the issue as well. Saturn, the ruler of the 4th house (end of the matter for the querent, but also the home situation and feelings of security), at 29 degrees is showing a crisis coming to a head. This is describing the poor/negative state of your finances which are definitely fluctuating, but also tells me that your self worth is low right now. To me, this and your worry is very obvious in the chart, even if you had not alluded to your anxieties in your original post.

Now, again, Moon is accidentally dignified by being in the first house and she has just left Via Combusta and her dispositor Mars is conjunct an angular house. I believe this shows the worst part is coming to an end for you.
Moon owns the 10th house of career, and placed in the first house she co-rules you. You are a natural fit in the field of your career.
That seems to mean that whether or not you will get a job is truly up to you, it's in your hands.
With the Moon in water signs and the challenges to your 2nd house of self worth, I believe the issue is more about how you feel about yourself and based on that, how you are currently presenting yourself to others.

With Libra describing you, you are Venus. Though very much afflicted by her opposition with Moon and square with Mars. Venus is exalted in her natural 7th house (this gives dealings with the public, or perhaps in the legal/judicial system). Mars would also rule any competitors for a prospective job as he owns the 7th cusp, but Venus is more dignified by domicile and house placement. You are a catch!! You are a much better prospect than you feel that you are! In fact, for the most part you are actually a better prospect than other applicants would be. Why do you sound so glum about your prospects in your original post? University grades definitely do not equate to your ability on the job. Have confidence! You are polite, conscientious, diplomatic individual, beyond reproach--meaning you do your job well. People find you genuinely likeable, that's important when it comes to getting a job. I think that the key to you getting another job in your field in the future is recognizing, having, and presenting confidence in yourself. If you don't have confidence in yourself and your abilities, it's challenging for an employer to feel that you would be a good hire. Don't be arrogant, of course, just be yourself. The chart seems to indicate that your confidence came from your career (2nd from the 10th Leo, Sun in 6th), so it might be challenging for you not to feel crummy after being fired, of all things. Just remember, there are a million reasons for someone to be fired, it doesn't truly reflect on you or your abilities (unless you were fired for gross incompetence !! I'm sure that's not the case here, though), if anything, it reflects more on your relationship with your previous employer. Personality dynamics and politics, you know?

With Uranus conjunct Venus, I think you may be rather unique as well. You may be involved with some sort of scientific profession, the true node in the 9th house seems to confirm that your job relates directly to your higher studies. Uranus in fall in conventional, stable Taurus with your ASC Venus separating also shows how upsetting and unwelcome the change in losing your position was.

With Moon separating from an opposition with ASC lord Venus, I believe that you may have been your own worst enemy up until this point in the situation. With Venus separating from a sextile with the North Node, I believe there was a recent employment opportunity that may have been missed. Sextiles frequently represent a window of opportunity that one must work a little bit to bring to fruition. With a separation of around 5 degrees and a mixture of timing indicators, I would say maybe 5 weeks or 5 months ago? A sextile to the North Node is a trine to the South Node which represents loss/decrease; located in Capricorn, this loss/decrease is confirmed. It is a separating aspect, the worst is nearly over. The loss of your job [strike]may also be[/strike] indicated by the 2.5 degree separation of the MC to your first house Moon. I'm sorry that happened to you- at least now it is over, so focus on moving forward.
Edit: After rereading your post I noticed that you stated you lost your job in 2018-- 2 years ago; this separation is definitely the loss of that position. The .5 may be negligible, or may be indicating that the loss was around the beginning of the year, so roughly 2.5 years ago.

The Sun has just moved into the 6th house of work, indicating a potential for change in the work situation. The Sun rules the 11th house of friends and colleagues, so maybe ask around and see if anyone who knows you can recommend you for a position/knows of a job opportunity. I see this configuration as an indication to ask a friend to help you "get a foot in the door", as they say. (The 11th house rules sudden windfalls, so there's also a chance that the opportunity would just fall into your lap, but I wouldn't bank on that. Ask friends and colleagues to be sure.) The 11th house also rules hopes and wishes, so aspects with the ruler can show you getting your wish. Be mindful though, the Sun's dispositor Jupiter is in fall in Capricorn and Moon applies a sextile to him and Venus will soon apply to a square (she has some dignity in Capricorn, so not the absolute worst square). You may be able to get work through a friend, but it seems you wouldn't like it much for whatever reason. It may be too much work with Jupiter in Capricorn, or totally unrelated to your intended career, being opposed to the MC. With Jupiter also ruling the 3rd, it could involve a lot of running around/short trips, a good bit of paperwork, or lots of communication. Even still, a ****** job beats having no job, and when you are working you are in a much better position to seek out employment than when you are unemployed.

So far, that is the only opportunity I see in this chart, but I could always be missing something.
My most salient points of the reading summarized here:
1. I think it's possible you may get a job soon, possibly within 5-6 weeks but it could be 5-6 months.
2. I think asking a friend or colleague for a recommendation or if they know of any opportunities could be a fruitful avenue for you.
3. I believe that a lot of the trouble you've had in securing a position has come from your emotional response to the situation, which has been markedly depressed and cynical. Because of this, you may not be presenting yourself in the best or even most accurate light.
4. You are a great fit in your chosen field. You are skillful and respectable. Your talents and abilities are very desirable; you yourself are a very desirable employee. You must be confident in the value you bring to a workplace, you bring a lot to the table. Try to shake off the fact that you were let go from your previous position, this occurrence is not an accurate reflection of your value as an employee. Do not internalize this!
5. Please keep me updated! I wish you great luck in your search (it is a challenging time to find employment where I live due to the pandemic, I'm not sure about you). Feel free to PM me with any questions or updates.
**6. I wanted to add about your recruiter: Typically the 9th house would rule an 'agent' of ours, and with the sign Gemini, it does seem to indicate a go-between like a recruiter. Mercury has some dignity in Aquarius (triplicity), but it's weak. This guy has not been doing much to help you (as you have felt), he's in the 5th house, so he's probably more concerned about his recreational time than you getting a job. Your co-sig Moon will square Mercury with no reception, and shortly after that, Mercury moves into an even worse situation- Fall/Detriment in Pisces. The job recruiter is a dead end! In fact with the square, you guys may have 'some words between you', perhaps somewhere around 10 days from now (although I wouldn't say that's 100% what that means, it could just be indicating your trouble working together). His movement into Pisces shows that he will soon cease to be of any help at all, even less than he has been, and may even prove to be a detriment to you. The fact that Moon would receive Mercury weakly as a 3rd trip lord (I use Dorothean triplicities) would do little to mitigate the negativity of that situation. Forget that guy, ask around with friends or former colleagues.


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