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Question mars-pluto natal double conjunction

My birthday is june 29 1969 fort scott kansas 4:35 am. I was told That the positions that mars and pluto were in at birth exactly reversed at 27 or so, I was wondering what that was quite a magical time....i fell as though i am about to enter another similiar period. My father is a very good astrologer and has done charts for 20 years and also is a Dean of counseling at a college(aquarius) it is very hard to get past the father - son cancer - aquarius turbulance and get and accept the great counsel he seems to be able to offer the rest of the world, So Im asking for some guidance on my current transits I guess, and mabey an answer to why i havent been in love since that double conjunction...thanks,,,my dad helps many so this is a tall order but bound to be great karma...bless-bless!
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