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Re: Do you see any significant progressions for love here

Originally Posted by bibi12 View Post
Im dont know anything about progression, so I need to ask for help here. Dy you see any significant progression for love soon, and when that could be happening? Im so desperate sometimes about that quastion, and it means a lot to me, so guys, please, help me
Your natal chart does not have a strong promise for marriage. There are no Planets in the 5th and 7th Houses, the 5th House Sign is neutral, and Ruler Mars is in a Barren Sign (Leo), the 7th House Sign is a Barren Sign, however Ruler Mercury is in a Fruitful Sign, but that is somewhat negated by the fact that Mars the Dispositor is in a Barren Sign. Sun dispositing Mars is in a neutral Sign.

If you do marry, it seems your first opportunity will be when Directed Mercury conjuncts the Ascendant, which would be about 7 years from now. That marriage might not last very long because Directed Ascendant will square natal Jupiter about four years later.
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