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Re: not content with my job designation

I see why you would want to be an architect, astrologically. Moon (deepest desires) in Taurus, the sign of the builder, and conjunct Mars, which rules your MC. Not only that, the Moon/Mars conjunction makes a strong trine to your Capricorn placements. If Taurus is the builder, Capricorn is the vision for the project, the master builder, the supervisor, and the completed project itself.

In general, Capricorn has a strong desire to achieve. Your pride in having worked hard to get where you are reflects that. If we take the archetypes of Taurus and Capricorn and apply them to literal building, it makes sense that you want your achievement to be in creating buildings.

But if you really wanted to be an architect, why did you study electronics instead?

And why do you want a Phd in architecture? That wouldn't qualify you to be an architect, just a professor of architecture. Phd's are useless for getting any job outside academia or research. In all other fields, having a Phd is a barrier to employment, because employers see you as over qualified. Unless you live outside the U.S., and a Phd is seen differently in your country? Or do you really want to study and teach architecture, not practice it?
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