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Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Doodleoo, from what I've read about your medical procedure, any discomfort should not last more than a few days.

I'm not a professional astrologer: possibly you should consult one if you feel frustrated with the responses you're getting here.

The common plantain is just generally used against inflammation of various sorts, not specifically gynecological problems. Another herb you might try is dong quai, a Chinese herb. I don't know if there is an experienced Chinese herbalist in your area, but it might be worth looking into.

Your illness is a 6th house matter, ruled by Mars, these normally are of short duration. But then "short" is relative, compared say, to a life-long condition or one lasting several years. Obviously we have to "ride out" problems of unknown cause or cure.

What concerns me about your chart is all of those planets bunched up in Capricorn in the third house, including your moon applying to a conjunction with Saturn. Unless you are old enough to be pre-menopausal, I don't know what the third house and Capricorn are showing. I am not at all suggesting that your problem is psychosomatic, but I wonder if extreme anxiety has something to do with painful periods or your extreme discomfort now. Many health problems are exacerbated by stress or fear, and yours may be one of them. In any event, it can't hurt for you to try some basic relaxation techniques.

Please let us know how you're getting on after your medical appointments. I hope you feel better soon.
I've had painful periods ever since they started, constantly taking advil for it, and they started before I had anything to be really stressed about. The pain from the US is different. Obviously I will try to be as relaxed as possible. But I am confident something is the matter. I know this isnt normal. It physical hurts to touch and the pain lingers and effects how I walk. The appointments are far out and doctors are unsure and this is overwhelming me. The next conclusion shouldn't have to be that nothing is there and that it is due to stress just because a doctor doesnt know.

Anyway, I know its always important to consider factors outside of an astrology chart. But I've already done that and theres still so much time before I get any real answer. That's why I posted this chart. That's why a lot of people post horary charts. For questions that will eventually show the answer but they would like to have an idea now.

Edit: it also makes me wonder if I posted the right time. Earlier in the week I had thought to post a chart but decided not to, but the second time I felt the urge I decided to do it. I wonder if I made the chart invalid to begin with

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